Why Making Clothes Is So Awesome

knitting mittensMaking your own clothes is not for everyone. It takes time, patience, and money. A few generations ago, sewing and knitting were common arts and many people made clothes for themselves and their families. Now, it is a hobby – often a hobby for people who can afford the time and materials. It is difficult now to find fabric for a shirt that is cheaper than a finished shirt in a sale section of any store in the mall.

But there is an appeal to it, and for the custom fit, design, and unique finished garment you receive when you are done. Making your own clothing gives you complete control over every aspect of the design choices, materials, and labour. When made well, handmade items can last longer and be made with room in the seams to be let in and out to fit a changing size or shape.

This section will outline some great garment patterns by small businesses, inspiration from other ethically and ecologically minded sewers and knitters, tips for making wardrobe items that outlast the trends, and ideas for making a wardrobe that can adapt with changing seasons and body types.

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