Why You Should Take Care of Your Clothes

caring for garmentsTaking care of your garments means that they last longer. By reading the care instructions and putting a little extra thought and time into your laundry routine, you can prevent your clothes from stretching out of shape, thinning, pilling, and fading. For the cost of a needle, thimble, and a few colours of thread, you can prolong the life of your clothes several times over. This saves you money and also saves the environment.

Taking your garments to an expert is another great idea. Sometimes complicated items like shoes and heavy coats need an expert opinion, and in the long run, shoe repairs and having a sewer patch up our fancier items will leave them looking almost as good as new, and giving us another year or more of wears.

You can also reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption while caring for your clothes by air drying your garments, washing them in cold water, and making sure you only launder full loads (same amount of energy and water used to clean more clothes).

Even just taking the time to hand wash and safely store your delicates and wool sweaters helps to keep them in optimal shape for longer, preventing you from needing to replace them.

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