Brand: Dagg & Stacey


Verdict:  High Quality, Made in Canada, Ethical

Dagg and Stacey are a pair of Canadian designers who make beautiful, ethical, high quality clothing for Women. They recently launched a kid’s line called Dog and Daisy. 

What they sell: Women’s Clothing, Kid’s Clothing

Transparency: Somewhat Transparent. Every item is made locally in Toronto by local craftspeople, but the full supply chain for each item is not listed or otherwise mentioned.

What They Are Doing Great: 

  • Dagg and Stacey design beautiful clothes that are classic styles that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.
  • They use recyclable materials and build their garments to last a long time.
  • They also support the local economy by hiring local craftspeople to make the clothes (which also ensures the workers are being ethically paid and treated) and selling their garments through local small businesses. 

Room for Improvement: 

  • More transparent (and publicly available) supply chain

Unanswered Questions: We emailed Dec 3 2015 to ask:

  1. Where do you source your materials from? Do you source from Canada where possible?
  2. Do you use organic cotton wherever possible?
  3. I know you sometimes use recycled materials in your clothes, how many items use recycled materials?
  4. Are there any other ways that you try to reduce pollution and energy usage, like minimal packaging, etc?

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