Brand: Mini Mioche

mini mioche grandpa cardi


Verdict: Environmentally Friendly, Ethical, Made in Canada, High Quality

Mini Mioche is a Toronto brand that makes adorable, well made kids clothes. All of their clothing is made from organic cotton that is made into fabric, dyed with low impact non-toxic dyes, and sewn into colourful, high quality basics — all done within Canada!

What they sell: Kid’s Clothing, Toys, Kid’s Accessories, Baby Clothing

Transparency: Very transparent. After the purchasing of the organic cotton, it is shipped to Canada where Mini Mioche controls the rest of the production process.

What They Are Doing Great:

  • The clothes are well made and will last through a couple of kids.
  • All the clothing is organic cotton
  • Fabric is manufactured in Toronto
  • Garments are made into clothing in Toronto by local workers.
  • All marketing and packaging is made from recycled materials.

Room for Improvement:

  • Organic cottons in some of the garments are blended with polyester. While this makes them last longer (good), it also makes the fibers less easily recycled when it leaves our hands (bad) and the production of polyester creates a lot of pollution (also bad). Some good news is that there has been a recent breakthrough on separating polyester fibers from cottons so maybe this will be less of an issue in the future.

Unanswered Questions: None. But if you think of some, let us know in the comments and we will ask!


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