Brand: Misha and Puff

Misha and Puff Popcorn Sweater


Verdict: Ethical, High Quality, Natural Materials, Handmade

Misha and Puff makes hand knit clothing for children and infants. Micha and Puff works with a team of women in Peru to make these hand knit natural Merino items – natural materials and great ethics!

What They Sell: Kid’s Clothing and Baby Clothing

Transparency: Somewhat Transparent. Items are hand knit in Peru (transparent) but details about the wool (are animals ethically treated, etc) are not mentioned.

What They Are Doing Great: 

  • High quality pieces will last through many children
  • Everything is ethically handmade. Women in Peru support their families by either knitting at home or knitting at the Misha and Puff knitting center, which provides daycare and meals.
  • Natural Fibers like Merino are warm and biodegradable. Alpaca is used in some of the garments, and is a great and ecologically friendly alternative to merino.

Room for Improvement: 

  • See: Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions:

Emailed Dec 9 2015 to ask:

  • Do you use low impact or environmentally friendly dyes for your merino wool?
  • Is your Merino wool ethically sourced? Do you have a standard for wool (like the Responsible Wool Standard), and how do you ensure that sheep are being treated humanely and are not over-grazing?
  • Do you make efforts to reduce packaging or to use recycled or biodegradable packaging?

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