Brand: Seek Collective

Seek Collective Men's "Dean" Shirt
Seek Collective Men’s “Dean” Shirt


Verdict: Environmentally Friendly, Ethical, Organic Cotton, High Quality, Handmade.

Seek Collective is a brand that produces ethical and environmentally friendly clothing and accessories for men and women. All items are made in India using ethical and fair practices.

Transparency: Fairly transparent. The factories are not listed, but details about them and the steps of their production process are outlined in their ‘About’ section.

What They Are Doing Great:

  • Fabric printing and dyeing are done in India, with all natural dyes grown on location and systems in place to give back to the community and ensure wages that are fair.
  • Fabric is woven in India by a charitable trust which empowers women to support themselves.
  • Silk is from a trusted and high quality supplier and cotton is 100% organic.
  • The factory where the garments are stitched together is also in India, and pays minimum wage to inexperienced workers, with wage increases as skill level grows. The company tracks and pays overtime and allows breaks. That factory is also beginning to recycle water in their own water treatment facility.
  • Many styles are timeless and well made, allowing them to last for years.

Room for Improvement: 

  • Could be ensuring that even unskilled workers are earning a living wage in all parts of the supply chain, or providing training so they are not starting as unskilled workers.

Unanswered Questions:

  • No mention is made of packaging being recyclable or biodegradable.
  • No mention is made of tracking energy or hydro requirements at any stage of the supply chain.


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