Brand: Second Denim Yoga Jeans

Second Denim Yoga Jeans Distressed Denim
Second Denim Yoga Jeans are made in Quebec, Canada. (And yes, these specific ones are ripped on purpose!)


Verdict: Made in Canada, Ethical

Second Denim Yoga Jeans makes comfortable and classic women’s jeans in Quebec, Canada.

Transparency: Fairly transparent. All sewing is done in Quebec, Canada, but no mention is made of environmental details (see: Unanswered Questions).

What They Are Doing Great:

  • Made in Canada at their facility in Quebec.
  • Jeans are cut to suit women’s curves and to stretch and be comfortable but not stretch out of shape.

Room for Improvement: 

  • No mention is made of cotton sources (cotton is not listed as being either organic or from the Better Cotton Initiative).
  • No mention is made of environmental goals like:
    • no mention of reduced or biodegradable packaging
    • no mention made of low impact dyes, or of treatment or water during the dye process.
    • no mention made of tracking or setting goals for electricity, natural gas, and water usage during the manufacturing process.

Unanswered Questions:

Emailed Dec 31 2015 to ask:

  • Do you take steps to ensure that your cotton is ethically sourced (ie. not buying cotton from Uzbekistan, or sourcing cotton following guidelines from The Better Cotton Initiative?)
  • Have you considered using organic cotton in all or part of your denim line?
  • Do you use minimal, recyclable, recycled, or biodegradable packaging and marketing materials to reduce landfill waste?
  • Do you take steps to ensure your dye and laundering processes aren’t harming the environment by using low impact dyes or treating all waste water before it leaves the factory?
  • Do you track and set goals for your carbon footprint by monitoring and reducing your electricity, natural gas and water consumption?

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