Mending: Replacing a Jeans Button

Mend Jeans Button - Broken Button
The button popped off of these jeans in the washing machine. Here’s how to fix them up!

When the button falls off your favourite pair of jeans, it’s not the end of the world! Instead of heading out for a new pair, pick up some needle, thread, hammer and extra jeans buttons at a local fabric store and put the button back on!

Needle, thread, jeans button, patch, and jeans
Supplies needed to fix a jeans button: Thread, patch, sewing needle, spare jeans button with backing, hammer.


  • Jeans with no button
  • A patch approximately 1″ in diameter, 2 layers thick (this patch came from a very old pair of jeans that were sacrificed to repair all of the other jeans)
  • Needle and matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Replacement jean button of the same size as the one that fell off. Replacement buttons should come with the button itself and a backing that is hammered on later.
Step 1: Patch Hole from the Inside of the Waistband
Mend Jeans Button Step 1 - Patch the Hole
Mending a jeans button: patch the hole from inside the waistband.

Follow our tutorial on Mending a Hole by Backfilling Using Blanket Stitch to patch the hole from the inside of the waistband. We used a 1″ diameter, double layer thick denim we cut from a very old and beyond repair pair of jeans. This step ensures that our next button won’t just slide right through the hole like the previous button did, and gives extra support to the area (which get’s a lot of strain, as the button is holding a lot together when it’s in use!)

Step 2: Insert the New Button
Mend Jeans Button Step 2A - Insert Replacement Button
Mending Jeans Button: Insert the Replacement Button.

Now that our hole has been patched, we want to insert the new button. The button usually comes with directions, but here are the steps you take:

Poke the button backing through the fabric from inside of the waistband towards the outside of the jeans. (If you have mended so well that this is basically impossible, you can use other sharp tools (like tacks, nails, awls, etc) to poke a hole and enlarge it, and then you should be able to poke the backing through the fabric to the front.

Mend Jeans Button Step 2B - Tap with Hammer
Mend Jeans Button: Align button and backing, tap from the backing side with mallet or hammer.

Place button face down on a flat surface covered in cardboard (the button could slip and scratch a delicate surface). Place the pointy tip of the button backing (which is poking through our waistband now) on top of the button, with the pointy tip aligned with the shaft of the button. Gently tap with a hammer until the backing is tightly secured.

Done! Ready for so many more wears!

Mend Jeans Button - Finished
Mended jeans with their new button!

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