Brand: Good & Fair Clothing

Good & Fair Boxers and Crew Neck TShirt
Good & Fair sells a limited selection of classic styles of fair trade and organic cotton clothing.


Verdict: Fair Trade, Organic Cotton, Ethical, Eco Friendly

Good & Fair Clothing produces Fair Trade and organic cotton basics (T-Shirts, Scarves, and Underwear) in India.

***This company only ships within the U.S.A.***

Transparency: Very transparent. Fair trade and organic cotton certifications mean that these clothes are ethically made in each step of the supply chain.

What They Are Doing Great: 

Room for Improvement: 

  • Only ships within the U.S.A.
  • See: Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions: 

Emailed Dec 31 2015 to ask:

  • Do you monitor and set goals for electricity, natural gas and water usage at the factory level?
  • Do you ship using minimal packaging and marketing materials, and have you made an effort to ship products in biodegradable or recyclable bags?

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