Brand: Little River Sock Mill

Little River Sock Mill Socks
Little River Sock Mill produces organic cotton and nylon socks in Fort Payne, Alabama.


Verdict: Environmentally Friendly, Made in America, Ethical, High Quality

Little River Sock Mill produces organic cotton socks in Fort Payne, Alabama, U.S.A. They are one of 7 remaining sock mills in Fort Payne, from what used to be 300. Socks yarns are made in North Carolina.

What They Sell: Men’s Socks, Women’s Socks

Transparency: Very transparent. Socks are certified organic cotton, all yarns are made in North Carolina, dyed with low impact dyes, and all factory labour is done on site in Alabama.

What They Are Doing Great: 

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ethical production methods can be carefully monitored because they are in the same location as the offices.
  • Organic Cotton uses less water and chemicals than non-organic cotton.
  • Low impact dyes use less water, don’t contain heavy metals, and are much better for the environment.
  • They make efforts to track and reduce electricity consumption.
  • They make an effort to use minimal packaging, with small locally printed labels. They re-use packaging materials received in the mill to ship out socks. Their corrugated shipping boxes are made with 100% recycled materials.
  • They offer a sock recycling program in which they partner with a yarn company to turn old socks people send them into new yarn.

Areas for Discussion:

  • Some percentage of each sock uses Nylon for strength. Nylon extends the life of a sock and gives the purchaser many more wears, but is made from fossil fuels, which generate carbon and greenhouse gasses. We feel that using Nylon in this instance is positive, as it means we will wear and love our socks longer (thus reducing the environmental impact of making more socks, even if they are 100% made of organic cotton, they are still using energy and water to be produced).


Emailed Dec 23 2015 to ask questions, all of which were answered Jan 9 2016 and reflected in the information above.

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