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The Basics

Details about why and how we should care about choosing our clothes carefully and wearing them longer.

Understanding Silk: the benefits and disadvantages and how to take care of it.

Understanding Silk

Silk is a natural fiber that is created by silk worms (Bombyx mori) when they make cocoons to become moths. It is …

polyester thread

Understanding Polyester

Polyester (plastic) is the most commonly used clothing fiber in the world.  Made from crude oil, plastic is extruded (pushed) through tiny holes …

Understanding Cotton

Cotton is the most popular natural fiber used in clothing (and the second most popular fiber, period, after Polyester). It’s a soft, …

knitting mittens

Why Making Clothes Is So Awesome

Making your own clothes is not for everyone. It takes time, patience, and money. A few generations ago, sewing and knitting were …