Methodology and Disclaimer

Carefully Worn is a resource that is dynamic and constantly changing to reflect new information. Posts about brands and companies are dated to reflect the information available (through news articles, information on the brand’s website, and emails with the company itself) on the date they were posted, and may not accurately reflect the current information on that company or it’s products. Also, there is no way to guarantee that a company is being truthful in the information that is being presented to the public – and as such our information may be inaccurate. If you note any inaccuracies, please feel free to bring them to our attention by emailing Amanda at

Below are some details about methodology and terms of use and conditions for this site:

  • Research for articles about specific fiber types and other articles in the “The Basics” category are researched, with additional resources used to supply information for each article listed at the bottom of each post. Some information may be years old, but dates are listed wherever possible.
  • Research on brands
    • is largely done with the use of a  brand’s website, which relies on the brand being truthful about its policies and actions.
    • can reference news articles and other press information
    • additional questions which are not readily answered by the website for a brand are emailed to their customer service departments. The questions emailed are listed in “Unanswered Questions” with the date that the email was sent.
  • Brands are chosen to be featured based on the judgement of Carefully Worn and available information. The list of relevant brands is not complete and will likely never be complete. To be featured, a brand must be made in Canada or America, OR be environmentally friendly OR be ethical by following most but not necessarily all of the guidelines listed below:
    • Ethics
      • Employees
        • Are items fair trade?
        • Are employees making a living wage at all stages of the supply chain?
        • Are factories meeting high standards of fire and safety?
        • Is overtime monitored, paid, and limited at all stages of the supply chain?
      • Animals
        • Are leather products sourced from ethically treated cattle?
        • Is wool sourced from ethically treated sheep (no mulesing, responsible grazing practices, etc)
        • Is down sourced from ethically treated geese (no forced feeding, etc)
      • Advocacy & Volunteering
        • Do companies give employees paid time off for volunteering?
        • Do companies financially support advocacy around the environment or fashion garment worker ethics?
        • Does the company support or run any type of efforts towards helping the environment or garment factory workers?
    • Environment
      • Materials
        • Is an effort made to choose more environmentally friendly raw materials, like organic cotton, hemp, linen, peace silk, etc?
        • Are any items made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles or recycled textiles?
      • Packaging
        • Is an effort made to use minimal packaging and marketing materials or materials that are one or more of the following:
          • Made from recycled materials
          • Recyclable
          • Biodegradable
          • Re-usable
      • Water, Natural Gas and Electricity Usage
        • Are efforts made to track and set goals for the reduction of water, natural gas and electricity consumption?
        • Is water being re-used in a closed loop system?
        • Have previous goals been met?
      • Dyes and Chemicals
        • Does a brand use low impact or natural dyes?
        • Are chemicals in water used in the dye and wash processes being treated before leaving the factory or recycled in a closed loop system within the factory?
      • Waste
        • Does the brand set goals for waste or are they working towards a zero waste goal in their factories or offices?
    • Made in Canada or Made in the U.S.A.
      • What stages of the supply chain are made in North America?
      • Are raw resources also sourced in North America?

Carefully worn has worked to ensure accuracy of information at the time of posting. Please be aware that information might be inaccurate due to it’s reliance on a wide range of sources which may or may not be accurate themselves. In light of constantly evolving regulations, market conditions, product development, and brand policies, this information may no longer be relevant.

Carefully Worn reserves the right to remove, correct errors, omit or update any portion of the information on this site at any time. By accessing the information, you acknowledge that any reliance upon any advice, opinions, statements, recommendations, or other information displayed on this site are at your sole risk.

Personal Use

The Carefully Worn database and resources are provided solely for personal use. They are meant to help consumers make informed choices about the ethics and environmental impact of their clothing. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, distribute, develop or derive for commercial sale, or any other use, information from the website or database without written permission from Carefully Worn.


All images and text on this site is Copyright to Carefully Worn, with the exception of promotional materials for some brands (ie. brand images) and some Creative Commons images which are noted and linked to their creators via the Attribution Licence.