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Brigg's and Little Aran Yarn

Materials to Make With: Briggs and Little Yarn

Website: Verdict: Made in Canada, Ethical, Environmentally Friendly, High Quality Briggs and Little is a woolen mill in New Brunswick, Canada that produces eco …

Everlane women wool coat

Brand: Everlane

Website: Verdict: Ethical, High Quality Everlane is an online brand that sells ethical and socially responsible clothing for women, men, and kids. What …

Misha and Puff Popcorn Sweater

Brand: Misha and Puff

Website: Verdict: Ethical, High Quality, Natural Materials, Handmade Misha and Puff makes hand knit clothing for children and infants. Micha and Puff works …

knitting mittens

Why Making Clothes Is So Awesome

Making your own clothes is not for everyone. It takes time, patience, and money. A few generations ago, sewing and knitting were …